Your divorce and/or child custody matter is most likely the most important event in your life right now. It is important that you have an attorney that understands this importance and gives you the attention that your matter deserves.  Our main goals are to achieve the outcome you desire, while minimizing your costs.  We believe that our client’s money is best spent on his or her family’s future, not legal fees.

Contested divorce and/or custody matters require an attorney that knows the law, possesses the legal experience to advocate on the client’s behalf, and undertakes a high level of preparation.

We litigate our family law cases to the fullest extent when necessary and position them for the best settlement when possible. Contested cases may require discovery, depositions, business valuations, custody evaluations, witness lists, pre-trial disclosures, etc. In short, what sets our attorneys apart is their excellent case knowledge and preparedness.

Contested Divorce:   In a contested divorce, the parties are unable to agree on one or more issues.  Our firm provides knowledgeable representation to people involved in contested divorces, and we seek the best possible results for our clients.

Uncontested Divorce and Annulments:  If divorcing parties agree on every divorce-related legal issue, we can assist the parties with an uncontested divorce.  Our firm also represents clients seeking an annulment, which, when complete, determines that the marriage never existed.

Spousal Support:  Spousal support, which is also known as spousal maintenance or alimony, can be awarded on a temporary, rehabilitative or permanent basis.  Various factors go into making this decision, and each case is unique.  Our attorneys have the expertise necessary to ensure that our clients’ best interests are represented when determining the amount of spousal support.

Child Custody:  Issues involving children are some of the most emotional and hotly contested aspects of a divorce.  Our attorneys respond to your concerns with compassionate and knowledgeable assistance while we seek reasonable determinations of disputes regarding child custody arrangements and visitation agreements.

Child Support:  Whether you will be receiving support to care for your children, or you anticipate being responsible for paying support, we know that you want to ensure the fair amount is calculated.  Our firm has in-depth knowledge of New Mexico’s child support guidelines, and we take the time to listen to your concerns about what is taken into consideration in these calculations.

Property Division:  As a community property state, New Mexico divides property, assets and marital debts 50/50.  We are here to identify what assets are yours separately, which are community and then seek the best possible property settlement for you.


Our Attorneys are Martindale Hubble Peer review rated and our Firm is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

Our attorneys can help you understand and participate in the process of family law issues including:

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